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Chewy Design Co. is leading the industry of van conversions, ditching the shop and going out to you. With a mobile work shop,Chewy Design Co. can work wherever you may be.


No place like Home.

In the city or in the wild, the right van can be your home. We specialize in builds dedicated to long term travel or city living. With enough room to throw a small dinner party, your next van is perfect for those needing a little room for the long haul. 

Wanna get away?

Looking for a small cheaper option to hit all the National parks you can this summer? Together we will create a van with enough room to carry all of your camping gear but still feel like the JW when you go to bed. 


Weekenders welcome.

If you need an adventure mobile to get you to the trail on the weekends but still take the kids to school come Monday, we can fine tune your current vehicle for whatever adventure comes your way!

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A faster house.

Working with Chewy Design Co. will ensure your van is built ready for anything, not just cross-continental travel but also as a long term home. Your van will be as unique as you are and feel like home. You will learn how to install everything from running water to a powerful, electric generator powered by the sun. We will work together to give the van your touch and prepare you for years of travel. 

Need a quote?

If learning how to convert your new van is what you desire, please email us for a quote. Prices very depending on your needs.



"Your home is living space, not storage space."

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Drivable magic

When deciding the look of the conversion, we won't settle for average. Chewy Design Co. is tired of the generic builds produced by most conversion companies. We will take you through all possibilities so that your conversion is perfectly suited for your needs while still representing your style. 

Need a quote? 

If a van built custom for you by you is what you desire, please email us for a quote. Prices very depending on your needs.

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For the seeker 

Wether you want to live in a van or just want your truck or SUV to be more versatile, Chewy Design Co. is here to get you out there. Our Truck and SUV designs can sleep two and all the gear needed for those weekend ascends. All builds are designed to be removable in minutes with no tools required. Running water and solar are options as well! 

Need a quote?

If you have a truck or SUV and want to enjoy the outdoors more, this route can be as simple or intricate as you like. Prices very depending on needs.